A Dungeon Deep

The Story so Far

Coerced into aiding the troubled town of Applevale the party descended into the deep mines that are the reason for Applevale’s existence to force back the frogman menace. There they were confronted by frogmen on multiple occasions, but drove them back each time. Until they arrived at the frogman city lorded over by Elial, their king. Elial informed the party that he had no quarrel with the humans of the city. But that an order known as the Cult of Gresh’fax had taken it upon themselves to force the frogmen from their normal breeding ground.

Led by the fearless Ox driven on a quest to destroy this Gresh’fax the party moved even further away from the light. After discovering and slaying a good number of Gresh’fax’s powerful alcolytes they discovered the dragon whelp himself cowering over his treasure. They slayed him handily with the help of Ox’s newfound blades and claimed the treasure horde for themselves.

After hauling the treasure to the surface (with the help of the frogmen alcolytes newly devoted to The Invaders) the party caroused with the local folk. They were approached by an unusually articulate frogman and returned to the frogman city to check on the rumor the frogman had given them. Finding it false they returned to the surface to find their horde had been taken by the illithid group that shared the cavern. They made their way down to the illithid caverns and through cunning ruses and with Ox’s powerful ability to cut through illusions have killed many of the illithid kind.



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