A Dungeon Deep

And the Frogmen Rejoiced

After a vicious battle in the halls of the doomed dwarves the party prevailed over the last of the illithid menace. Gravely wounding or killing their leader they drove them from the caves, but were unable to slay them all. After a bit of searching they found the remainder of the poor folk of Applevale trapped and likely on their way to becoming mindless slaves like the dwarves. Carefully navigating the now much more perilous illusion traps they returned the villagers to their ruined homes. Packing their vast wealth and taking with them the two would be dragon hunters Marcus and Vincent, the adventurers left for greener pastures and larger cities. Leaving the villagers to bury their dead, and the frogmen to proliferate wildly.

They arrived in Highhurst and immediately sought a wizard to describe the valuables they’d plundered from the dragons horde as well as the den of the illithid. With new-found knowledge they bent their minds to what they would do about the dragon’s curse.



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