A Dungeon Deep

A false god?

The party turned their hoard of goods from Gresh’fax’s lair into a new The Dragonslayer Farm. After hiring the poor folk of Applevale and procuring orphans (don’t ask where) to man their farm, the settled down to plan the next step.

From the west a phalanx of armored soldiers approached and declared their quest to destroy the traitorous Oksuno. From Maggie’s pouch the symbol of Almanna burst into flames. In a vicious battle the party destroyed the flame soldiers of Almanna. Ox declared Almanna a false god through a singed and blackened throat.

Elmira and Magpie journeyed to Highhurst where they purchased some magical armor each with its own quirks. Later that afternoon they defended the merchant Fazin from some ruffians. The ruffians apparently belong to a gang called the Grave Wights and Fazin suggested that the Trade Consortium would probably pay handsomely to be rid of the menace. The pair next traveled to the Church of Almanna where they learned that the creatures probably tracked them through the symbol Maggie carried. They also learned of a great wizard Fairweather who lives at the top of the mountain Jondeheim. That evening Maggie deposited the token of Almanna back into Almanna’s temple. The next day the party prepared to set out on the journey to Jondeheim uncertain if there were foes at their back, or what they would face once they arrived.



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